1. Skyzoo — "Friend Or Foe Pt. 3” (Continuing The Jay-Z Saga) (AUDIO).


    Skyzoo says: So last week, the good folks at Genius came to me with an idea to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jay-Z's classic debut Reasonable Doubt ...: "Hey Sky, what would happen if you wrote a song based on 'Friend or Foe,' where you're the son of the hustler who Jay-Z killed in the story... and now after 20 years he's seeking vengeance on his father's murderer?”... Needless to say, I picked up the pen and got right to it. And thus, here's "Friend or Foe pt 3". For the record, this is not a Jay-Z diss by any means. We all know Jay is one of my favorite emcees of all time. This is a creative take on a fictional story told from the point of view of a fictional character. Enjoy it in the essence of what it is. And happy anni' to Reasonable Doubt , a timeless piece for the ages.

    [Via Genius ]

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