1. Skipp Coon — "Assata Taught Me (pg 181)" (AUDIO).


    "Jafrican Celebration Hymn In Honor Of Assata Shakur's Born Day."

    Skipp still fighting the power. Produced by Taj Siefu .

    [Via Pigeons + Planes ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Taj Siefu


    • DeaconDaryl

      Verbal artillery! One to watch 4.

    • Keno

      This is why I still love hip hop

    • Nuicey

      Been waiting on something like this for a while. This is music that moves people to do better or at least want to do better. I am a sheep no longer.....

    • Keyser Soze

      This type of music by Skipp Coon is a breath of fresh air to the Black Community.

    • RozyBabii

      Hip Hop isn't dead after all... I love this!

    • Lynn

      I'm not sure if anyone will agree with me, but the message that the song is sending is a very powerful one. Anything that's not "right" to them will be overshadowed and our education is the main target... We weren't brought here to become competition yet we are so there's no need to down your neighbors just because they went to a "black school" if anything we should praise them more but we don't! I'm not predjudice in any way,but don't think for one second there aren't plans to keep HBCU's from thriving . We get rewarded for making a fool out of ourselves , so to the people that refuse to go along just to be accepted,please keep doing you! Music is a strong tool and the truth shall be heard through it !

    • Taj Siefu


    • CHAVO

      ...the weak go along and the Strong Go CRAZY!!!!