1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Shyne Calls Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, "Trash."


    Apparently, not everyone is buying into the widespread accolades being lavished on Rap-Album-Of-The-Moment, Kendrick Lamar 's good kid, m.A.A.d city . Who, you ask, dare represent the lonely voice of critical dissent in the face of all this K-Dot love? Shyne . God bless him. Not because we necessarily agree with @OriginalShyne 's recent Twitter critique of good kid as "trash" (we don't), but because he articulates the always valid lament of how critical feedback is automatically equated with "hate." Then again, Shyne Po might just be pissed that while Pharrell has compared Kendrick to Bob Dylan , he now actually sounds like Bob Dylan . Let the tweets speak...

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    • Totally2bularDude

      Who Shyne?

    • http://twitter.com/AndrewS77903017 MeanKitty813

      Shyne is the leading authority on things that suck. He had one hit his whole life and everybody liked Barrington Levy on the hook better then his mediocre bars and knock-off Biggie sound alike voice anyway.

      I wont even go into how bad he sucks now, it's cringe worthy.

      Shyne's life in music - Wack Debut, Laughable career

    • DJ Mike G

      The Beastie Boys are better Jewish rappers than Shyne.

    • Older G.O.D.

      Still trying to understand how an artist without a real career to speak of, and an even worse "comeback" (as a jewish ganster rapper to boot) can label Kendrick's album as "trash".....where was this critical ear during the recording of Gangland??? #burnscauseYOURalbumwastrash

    • Duff Paddy

      this coming from puffy's temporary B.I.G. substitute aka tax write-off ... i can't recall 1 good lyric dude ever spit much less 1 good song..

    • ComeOnBeHonest!

      But in 1 thing Shyne is right. I mean, K.dot is an outstanding rapper with phenomenal vocabulary and inventive rhyme schemes, but where are some or where is at least the one outstanding beat on the album? Still searching, but I really can't find it, just the average ish...