1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Chuck D’s Top 10 Greatest Rappers List.

    If there’s still one thing that can rile up rap fanatics, it’s Top 10 lists, especially when the discussion turns to history’s best MCs. So it probably wasn’t a surprise that when Public Enemy’s Chuck D ( @MrChuckD ) tweeted his choices for the ten greatest rappers of all time last Friday that his followers would quickly chime in. A significant portion of the debate centered around the omission of Biggie (Chuck puts him in his Top 25, along with Queen Latifah and MC Lyte) but, as always, folks pushed for their own favorites with MF Doom and Edan getting at least one vote apiece… and gettin’ props from the Strong Island rhyme wrecker in return, agreeing that Doom eats up MCs and that Edan is “sharp and “humble.” But Mr. Chuck was not changing his list for no one. He did clarify this was a solo list and did not include groups (Run-DMC, btw, is his #1 pick in that category) and when asked about the criteria he based his list on, the PE frontman acknowledged Kool Moe Dee as a major influence, most likely in reference to the rapper report card included in the How Ya Like Me Now LP . While any list is debatable, we do agree with one fan who said one vital MC missing from the the countdown is Chuck D himself.


    1. Got in a big debate because BIG wasn’t in my top 10 I reiterated like c’mon what you think I’m 35? I’m giving the full 1979-2012 overview..

    2. But there are so many greats .. For example how you gonna put the groundbreaking style of Scarface behind him? Eh?

    3. I ain’t 31 I seen the whole rap record thing since i was 19 been to 80 countries played it done it know it. Music is art is subjective but..

    4. KoolMODee is probably the most detailed scholar regarding the criteria, I defer to his standards as one of my master teachers

    5. In no order KRS,Rakim,JAYZ.MelleMel,IceCube,LLCoolJ,Tupac,Eminem,bigDaddyKane,..and

    6. Snoop

    7. PAC made your mama and single moms cry ,. With a 2 RAP songs Something 99% of MCs couldn’t do.. Name another…

    8. NAs Busta, Moe Dee BIG. YO my next 15 is packed but imma leave it to just read

    9. Mathematics says 40 of my fav all time MCs won’t make my Top10, hello? Why is this so hard to understand ?

    10. I know NAS Busta Scarface& common are my personal favs but those 10 smashed the game and places to smitereens….gamebreakers

    11. I didnt name Group MCs RunDmc,WuTang,Tribe,Outkast,GetoBoys,NBN is a whole other blast …I’m pretty sure IceT,KMD myself got similar Top10s

    12. @THEKINGDMC very true D this is why I love groups,I’ve said this repeatedly Mr KingOfRock,tight groups cover rap/sing weakness w TEAM work

    13. Judging by longevity groundbreaking earthshaking standards not necessarily what I think, how I feel . But what is..

    14. Thats not JAYZs fault that he is the manifestation of BIG and BDK its like Jordan came after Magic/DRJ and made it work for him

    15. We agree that SNOoP and CUBE are birthed by ICET no question

    16. JAYZ is currently tearing down concerts worldwide.You got to weigh that because RAP is performance art,not just some radio song

    17. Mel is like WiltChamberlain the only MC here where the 2nd best in his prime was still nowhere close. RLTK

    18. I tell people if you were under 12 from 1979-1984 you have little idea of the magnitude of Flash5mcs,KBlow RunDmc&Whodini cant just read it

    19. ..T3 ColdCrush allThose cats are like WashingtonLincoln on US money,part of RAP currency no matter hw many newPprez or freshBills they make.

    20. I have to give Snoop the edge to get in, great longevity but dude has always been like butter on breadtrax Cant deny that west

    21. …LA and LYTE in my TOP 25 No doubt

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