1. AUDIO: Showbiz & AG ft. Party Arty — “All Time Greats” (Free Download).

    Showbiz & AG ATGs? Yeah, we’ll buy that. For decades the Bronx has been represented well by this powerful duo, who keep showing you they haven’t lost that hunger. True indeed, as Andre the Giant raps on “All Time Greats” (another Mugshot Music sureshot): “You can’t finish me just yet/ Got much left…” Long-time associate Pary Arty (one of our favorite rap names since back in the day, may he rest in peace) is remembered on the sizzling track with some blazing quick bars at the end. Mugshot Music in your area on October 9th via DITC Records. Cop that.

    AG: “…So fuck threats, I get it done/ We among the all time greats / We are considered, son/ My heart beat to a different drum/ And this is why / Been layin’ it down since this high/ The way the track loop and the way the spit fly.”

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