1. AUDIO: Showbiz & AG ft. A Bless — “Walkin’ On Air” (Free Download).

    Well, it’s been a steady, tried and true build-up to this Mugshot Music album, hasn’t it? Those payin’ attention know Show and Andre the Giant have already blessed rap fans with a really good free LP that served as an on-point precursor to the actual official release and they continue to impress with their latest leak, “Walkin’ On Air,” a track that gives off an ancient-music-emanating-from-the-peaks-of-the-Himalayas type of sound peppered with that gifted, streetwise poetry. It’s obvious the Bronx duo are in a zone, which bodes well for Mugshot Music (which is out on out October 9th on DITC Records).

    “… new niggaz think we finished/ Just the kind of thinkin’ I expect from beginners….”

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