1. Sh*t Wackos Tweet:
    15 Tweets Wishing for Obama’s Asassination.

    Today is a special day. Its the day we remember and salute the tireless crusader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And it also happens to be a day where 50+ years of modern civil rights history culminated in the second public swearing in of America’s first African-American President. We’d like to think that regardless of personal opinion about the POTUS, it’s pretty clear that the country has come a long way. Sadly, 4 years after Barack Obama’s first inauguration, it’s also quite clear that there’s a sizeable portion of the American public that — as B-Real put it so succinctly on the hook of an old track by Da Lench Mob — ain’t got no class. And they took to the Twitter to let the world know…unfortunately.

    Behold this sampling of tweets collected by tumblr site Public Shaming . According to the site’s author, “I only picked tweets that fell right before, during, or immediately after the Inauguration itself!” … That means there’s probably plenty more to come! Oh goody!


    [via Public Shaming , with h/t @yasboogie for the tweet]

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