1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Sean Price on Rappers Spammin’ Him With Unsolicited Music.

    The sad truth is a lot of rappers on Twitter just plain suck. Not that it should matter much, but there are really only a select few who truly have timelines on lock. One of our favorites: Sean Price / @SeanMandela . Duck Down’s don of grouch bites his tongue for no one, dependably tweeting brutally honest and entertaining thoughts on the reg. Take this afternoon, for example. While playfully discussing Othello and other board games, Sean P’s mood quickly turned sour when he was interrupted by spam from artists strugglin’ to get put on. The result: Ruck rocked heads with an onslaught of real talk aimed at the cyber pests. Please listen to his aggro.


    1. Every time I talk bout something some stupid rapper decides to interrupt me with a tweet telling me to listen to his music smh

    2. Fuck being fan friendly watch what I do to the next bs rapper sending me some bs

    3. Oh yeah everybody a bs rapper except me

    4. You’ve been warned

    5. @RealLilDinky gtfoh

    6. Word I hate fans they should of never gave u fuckers a outlet to speak to “us” I make music u cop it that’s it

    7. no I’m not checking ya shit u the worst rapper ever quit now

    8. @OB1jonoB fuck u bitch

    9. @lozzhiphop go fuck yaself

    10. @GetRichInMind @youtube u are blocked and that shit wack and I ain’t even hear it

    11. @Blackhawkumi no I’m mad cuz of your music lol!!!

    12. @Blackhawkumi how about u minding ya biz

    13. @Blackhawkumi see stop talking to me

    14. Look I’m no CEO so sending me ya music is dumb I can’t get u a deal kill yaself

    15. U might not like me but no that the asshole u hear on records is really a asshole in real life no fronting here

    16. I post my shit up on twitter but it’s my shit I don’t force my shit on y’all understand no means no niggaz is rapists

    17. “@SpiritEquality: @SeanMandela you can pass the music to dru ha, though. i bet your recommendation carries weight with dru.” so what

    18. @MattDatDude I could but I won’t and I don’t

    19. I could take ya music to @druha but I’m not Why? I don’t know I don’t give a fuck get it how u live fuckboi

    20. I half way retract that statement I hate dumb fans I know my role Know yours and we good Otherwise kill yaself

    21. And sometimes I do listen to ya bs music I need something to put me to sleep

    22. “cornball rappers saying ruck u on some other shit mad cause i make music no longer for the love of it” that was from the magnum force lp

    23. Y’all niggaz rhyme like the dude from the fresh beat band lmao!!!

    24. ” please listen to my demo” ass niggaz

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