1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: 50 Cent Beefs with Fans About New Album.


    Yesterday, the always spirited 50 Cent / @50cent announced via The Twitter the track list and imminent release of his new free album, 5 (Murder By Numbers) . Then Curtis announced he'd changed his mind due to Twitter hecklers acting a fool @ him, and drew all over his computer screen in Magic Marker (or something like that). So will Fif release the darn freebie or not? Those patiently waiting today for 5 o'clock - you might be in luck still. Those who find Fif most entertaining when arbitrarily snapping on fools - you're definitely in luck. Check the timeline, y'all...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Parad1se

      50 isn't too good at damage control.

      Then again, I bet the high point in "B King's" life will be the moment that his favorite rapper called him a retard on Twitter.

    • bboycult

      Haha..@ this point can anyone honestly say w/a straight face "fans" deserve to be treated any other way. It's all groupie business. It's really close but..... 50 as a person > 50's music

      DEad@ "How you get a name like lil murda boy?"

    • DatKidSurreal

      Oh shit! I could give a Nickleback about 15 cent, but that's hilarious he gets mad that cats are talking shit via twitter, and dude just keeps responding. But my main reason for commenting is just reading what Parad1se said. Epic genius. Well said, my man. Well said. Made my day. Now, back to REAL hip hop news, please and thank you.

    • Parad1se

      @ DatKidSurreal. Thanks. :)

      But I'm a girl. LoL

    • oskamadison

      Bboy, what up!!

      "yeah I just saw your picture fool you look autistic"

      Funny as hell. Glad I wasn't drinkin' anything, I would have spit it all over the monitor...

    • DatKidSurreal

      @parad1se Well said, GIRL, well said. Lol. My fault. No disrespect or underestimating the ladies!

    • http://tedpearce.blogspot.com TED

      i know 50 has always been a cartoon character, but seeing him write lol on twitter is a bit like walking in on your mum taking a shit.