1. NEW MUSIC: Sean Born - "Pour Out Liquor" (Free Download).

    Probably apropos that "Pour Out Liquor" is the last song on Sean Born 's recent Behind the Scale LP. There's an air of finality to it on some song-that-plays-during-the-movie's-closing-credits thanks to producer Kev Brown 's regal, hymnlike production (if there's any rap tune on which bagpipes wouldn't necessarily be out of place this might be it). Verse-wise Sean Born addresses the cycle of street life, yet shows himself not too solemn or dry to rhyme "across the plaza" with "sittin' in ya Mazada," "Honda," "Rwanda," and "the babysitter, Miss Yolan... da" with a lil' Shakur-ian flair. Listen below or download it for free . Behind the Scale now available for purchase .

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