1. Schoolly-D Reacts To Being Mentioned In Norwegian Mass Murderer's "Manifesto."


    Last week Pat Rapa of the Philadelphia City Paper broke the story that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik's "manifesto" included anti-hip-hop rants, with specific mentions of Schoolly-D and his gangsta rap classic "P.S.K. What Does It Mean?" And though said mentions of Schoolly were actually co-opted from another source (American academic John H. McWhorter's 2003 essay “How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back”) the reaction from long-time hip-hop fans worldwide has been one of surprise and disgust. Last Friday, the City Paper 's A.D. Amorosi reached Schoolly-D himself for his reaction to Breivik's diatribes . Amongst other thoughts, Schoolly shared these:

    "People who use Schoolly’s music to justify their own actions are saying that I thought that I was telling them to be a gang banger or worse. That’s horrible, that they are taking MY lyrics — not really listening and not really enjoying it — and just being sick. And sick and weird as they are, they are, they not really brave. They are looking for a reason for somebody else to tell them it is okay to be that sick. That’s how I feel. The people out there who are not really listening to the lyrics… in the song “PSK” the last thing I say is “I put the pistol down because I got a educated mind” nobody quotes that. When they hear that, the people actually listening, then they say “oh now I get it.” The people who gravitate toward one part of my lyrics or song aren’t really listening, they’re just listening and taking what they wanna take except they don’t wanna blame themselves. They don’t wanna say I have the hate myself, but rather someone else is making me. They’re cowards."

    Read the story in its entirety here .

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