1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Scarface Goes on a “F” Rant.

    Around mid afternoon on Tuesday, January 31st, @BrotherMob, rapper Scarface’s certified Twitter account, shook up cyberspace a bit with a tee’d-off deluge of F’in’ tweets originally aimed at the high cost of medical supplies (“$500 on a trip to cvs??? An asthma pump and some hbp meds… Fuck you phizer [sic]”). It wasn’t long before Face began rattling off a long list of random folks and things who really piss him off. But at least our man Brad was kind enough to fire off a warning shot before his profanity-laced rant: “Holy folks may wanna unfollow me cuz I’m bout to go in…”

    For those that may have missed it, here they are compiled for your enjoyment. Because all you have in this life is your balls and your tweets.

    1. Fuck you Advair

    2. And fuck this bitch who feels like she can check in from time to time

    3. Fuck these rappers that think they can see me bitch I will destroy you then beat yo ass up

    4. Fuck you _________ fill in the blank

    5. Fuck this $4 ass gas

    6. Fuck the motherfucker who invented the my space

    7. Fuck face book

    8. Fuck love

    9. Fuck newt and mitch

    10. Fuck these niggaz tryin to spam my shit

    11. Fuck this……….

    12. And last but not least fuck all you old ass racist record execs who don’t know shit about our culture..thanks for destroy(ing) black music

    13. What the fuck is a Mitt???? Fuck him………

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