1. WATCH: Salt-N-Pepa Get Fiesty for
    MTV's House of Style (1989)


    Hey ladies and lovers of the crazy '80s, we present to you (via the immense MTV archival collection curated by the über-talented homegirl Mary H.K. Choi) a few moments from the long-lost Cindy Crawford-hosted fashion/lifestyle show House of Style . The debut episode features Salt-N-Pepa's fitting room follies as the trio try on some exceptionally...uh.. dated attire. Right after, in another show clip, Will Smith gets jiggy with it. (Jeez, we're really bad with this fashion speak.) If you dig that, then go here HERE for more fabu ish , like vintage footage of Dapper Dan as well as the Beasties talkin' about their X-Large stores.

    BONUS: Will Smith Meets Cindy Crawford.

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