1. LISTEN: Sadat X & Wiz Demos (Circa ’87-’90) (AUDIO).

    New Ro Hip-Hop: Back when Sadat was known as Derrick X. R.I.P. Keita “Wiz” Speed.

    Produced by Devaron

    NOTE: “We all four agreed to meet at Derick’s house/basement at 11 AM to record it. DJ Alamo (Brand Nubian’s future DJ) decided to bring a record called “Rock Creek Park” by [The Blackbyrds and] Donald Byrd. We set up all the equipment on a pool table in the basement and had to use a cue stick as a mic stand and tape it to the side of pool table. DJ S “The Best” (aka DJ Supreme and Lauryn Hill’s future DJ) spun the record back for 5 minutes (we had no sampler to do it at the time). Derick X recorded “X Runs Ragged” in one take. When he was finished we all looked at him in shock that he did it so quick. Andre “Songmaster” Brown mixed down the tape the next day (March 19, 1988) soon after becoming a local hit.”

    [Via cratesofjr.blogspot.com ]

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