1. Sadat X & Will Tell’s True Wine Connoisseurs: “Halloween Pumpkin Wine” (VIDEO).

    It’s a special TWC Halloween edition in which Sadat and Shawn Black review Pumpkin Wine from the 3 Lakes Winery in Wisconsin. The fellas get seriously faded, doing everything from freestylin’ to reliving childhood memories of Halloweens past filled with nights of jackin’ for candy and X’s remembrance of the time he wanted to rock an OJ Simpson costume but ended up being a bank robber instead. (And for the sports fans, ‘Dat also states that he will not be smoking weed for the first five Knick games of the new season to show his solidarity with JR Smith who was suspended for lighting up.)

    (True Wine Connoisseurs’ first wine, “a dope California Red blend,” hits stores all over the country December 1st.)

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