1. Sadat X & Will Tell’s True Wine Connoisseurs: Chateau Julien (VIDEO).


    Sadat X and Will Tell's "True Wine Connoisseurs" returns with the crew's discussion of how a bottle of Chateau Julien could be a part of your perfect date night. Perhaps after a romantic dinner at home? Or chilling with a shortie at the Cloisters? Or at your favorite falafel stand. The possibilities are endless.

  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. schizophrenic alcoholic

      i need to quit the booze game!

      just seen my internet history and bookmarks. seems i visit egotripland more than i remember doin so.

      sorry for spammin most of your comment sections over the last few weeks (months?) with my dumb thoughts and such. i'll try n save my idiotic opinions and antics for offline/out in public - where they belong. :D


      Barf Simpson (and whatever other names i used)

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