1. AUDIO: Sadat X — "I Know This Game" (Free Download).


    As Sadat X says early on his new single, "I Know This Game," from the upcoming New York album, if there's anything he knows it's the rap industry — or rather, as his trademark concise-and-unconventionally-built lyrics reveal — the treacherous underbelly of the music business. The track constructed by Real McKoy of Local-Mu12 (and with cuts by DJ Grouch) is to-the-point, dependable boom bap for the Brand Nubian god to reflect back on the "the days of backpacks, White people and Black," as he examines the various struggles of being an MC dealing with shady promoters and label execs...

    "Some fell through the cracks/ The labor of love, broken backs," raps Sadat, speaking of fellow rap artists. "Some work ethics was lax/ Couldn't afford the hot tracks/ Some bubbled and they blew through their stacks / Some took it to the streets with the jacks/ Wound up in Clinton Max/ Some fell 'cause they didn't pay tax." Listen to the track to see why X is still in the game...

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    • bboycult

      Real McKoy blessed this ; and Sadat blessed it right back!

    • MC Gusto

      Yoooo This F*ckin Beat is crazy... I have not heard The GOD sound this good over a beat since the 90's WOW

    • Real McKoy

      Thanks for posting...appreciate the love!!!


    • http://twitter.com/Djgrouch DJ Grouch

      Cuts by DJ Grouch

    • egotrip

      Hey Grouch, added your name to the blurb. Props on the cuts.

    • http://twitter.com/djgrouch DJ Grouch

      Peaaaace!!! Y'all the best! Respeto!!!