1. WATCH: Sadat X — "Hot Breeze" Music Video.


    New York City denizens have been at the mercy of Mother Nature a lot lately, having to deal with the crazy temperatures that have been reaching melting levels in the Rotten Apple one minute, and freakish thunderstorms the next. (Like today). Temporary relief from the ill weather comes in the form of Sadat 's summertime anthem, "Hot Breeze," which is produced by Will Tell and featured on the pair's No Features album. So grab a lemonade and cool out with the video, which is coming up next.

    Cameos by the Lo-Life crew and the peoples of NY.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Lo-ho

      Why are all those middle-aged men dressed head-to-toe in Polo? That's a pretty stupid hobby.

    • Older G.o.d.

      @Lo-ho Who are all these punk kids dressing in polo head to toe when you just started wearing the shit because of young dro', 2 chains or some other ignorant ass rapper who just showed up....Respect your elders, son.