1. AUDIO: RZA & Nas — “The Set Up” Mash-Up.

    This popped up on RZA ‘s Soundcloud page today, the 1998 Bob Digi track, “B.O.B.B.Y” meshed with the 1996 vocals of Nas (and Havoc of Mobb Deep) from the It Was Written cut, “The Set Up.” (Pardon us for using “mash-up,” we meant to say, “blend.” We from that era.)

    [Via RZA’s Soundcloud ]

    BONUS: RZA as Bobby Digital — "B.O.B.B.Y."

    (Props to ShamrockHipHop2 for the upload)

    BONUS: Nas ft. Havoc — "The Set Up"

    (Props to toxicofera for the upload)

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