1. Olympian Ryan Lochte Plans on Trademarking "Jeah," a Word MC Eiht Has Been Using Forever.


    Apparently, the grillz-lovin' gold medalist Ryan Lochte has for the past several years been using the catchphrase "Jeah!", which he claims was inspired by Young Jeezy's use of the word "Chea!" Lochte has reportedly filed to trademark the phrase and has already begun hawking "Jeah" t-shirts, hats and sunglasses on his website. But, we have to wonder, what does MC Eiht feel about all this? As a lot of you know, the Compton's Most Wanted rapper has for the longest utilized "Geah" as his signature expression. Lochte might have gone gold in the Olympics, but we supsect he's gonna go wood in the 'hood for wanting to spell it wit' a 'J' and not with a 'G.' Geah.

    :45 in, Lochte is asked about the word "jeah."

    MC Eiht's ill St. Ides Commercial. Geah.

    [New report via TMZ ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Ri067953

      I highly doubt that douchebag will sell many of those ugly ass tees and sunglasses

    • recordvulture

      My favorite MC Eiht line-"the problem solver-uh uh chrome revolver".and Ri0-i cosign on those ugly ass shits.

    • Wisecracker

      Ryan Lochte must have a def wish or sumpin'. He can get the duck sick.

      Mc Eiht should start up his own brand of Chia Pet though: "GH-GH-GHEA". That would be ill.