1. Run The Jewels ft. BOOTS — “2100” (AUDIO).


    (Photo: Meredith Graves)

    Trump is fuckin' President... it takes a nation of suckers to hold us back.

    Produced by El-P

    Co-Produced by Little Shalimar & Wilder Zoby

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      @Egotripland....ain't it about time to do more than just post. It's time to create Alt-Lft BlaccSknhd content. 24/7 365 media content spent literally this entire election cycle figuring and reconfiguring this mothafuckas whole political platform 4 him....This is truly the safest outcome for daily American life; if Hillary Rodham C had won...White Terrorism would have put innocent people in daily jeopardy! .......As it stands now Leftist Nerds are eagerly anticipating the next Late Nite jokes....politics as usual. We have no Breitbart equivalent and niggas would sooner watch L&HH on repeat than an hour of Juan Gonzales/Amy Goodman....The Nerd Ironic just caught an AssWhoopin from very serious people.....Wake The Fuck Up....fuck a hashtag! ......no leaders/no names; BlackOut from here on Out.

    • http://www.egotripland.com/ ego trip

      bboycult: it's always been good to read your comments all these years. you're right, it's way past time for the people to mobilize. stay strong, brother.