1. Talent Like This Only Comes Around Every 17 Years Or So. Ladies & Gentlemen… Roye’L.

    EVEN MO’ BABY-MAKIN’ MUSIC FOR DAT AZZ: We did the math, and these types of musical phenomenons don’t come around every day. R&B sensation Roye’L is the next big thing, that is, until the rest of the world catches up with his style. What’s his style you ask? As King Roy explains to the lady host of this Dallas public access TV show from a while ago: “It’s a fresh alternative. It’s kinda like blended with other styles from the past, the present and the future.” Sleep on him if you want. But Chubby T will be very disappointed with you.


    Roye'L Debut: "In My World."

    The rest of the world, sadly, wasn’t ready for the bandana-on-one-knee, the sprained-hyper-extended-other-knee with timbos look.

    (Props to cringevenom for the upload)

    Roye'L Returns: "I Found a Girl."

    Roye’L found a girl and her name is Tikoko. (We’re guessing she’s Blasian.)

    (Props to cringevenom for the upload)

    Roye'L Gets Deep: "Bleed."

    Somewhere, doves are crying.

    (Props to cringevenom for the upload)

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