1. ROUND-UP: ego trip’s Full Coverage of WTT.

    Whew, what a whirlwind of media frenzy it’s been. Kanye and Jay-Z’s pompous opus, Watch The Throne , has been watched, stalked, and talked to death. It’s been blown and bashed, not to mention analyzed more than shrink-visiting UFO survivors.

    So, as we here at the egotripland Skybox (hey, if they can have a thrown, we can have a skybox), get ready for PPWTTD (Postpartum Watch The Throne Depression) to fully set in, we take a look back at the past few weeks of glorious, extensive, and freakin’ exhaustive ego trip coverage of WTT . Oh, and please make sure to check our latest (and, hopefully, dear Lord, our last for a while) coverage of the Album That Didn’t Leak over at COMPLEX, who did us the honor of asking our opinions and stuff .

    25 Things ego trip Feels the Urge To Do While Listening To Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “H.A.M.”
    Our first taste of the Throne . It made us go S.P.A.M.

    This Is Not the “Watch the Throne” Track List (But It Should Be).
    As anticipation for WTT grew, the interwebz buzzed over possible leaked track list. This ain’t it.

    Two Kings in a Cipher…
    When it came to WTT coverage, ego trip, like Son Doobie, was shittin’ on ’em.

    10 Reasons It Was Absolutely Necessary To Institute a No Live-Tweeting Rule at Last Week’s “Watch The Throne” Listening Session.
    Clandestine meetings with music business taste makers (i.e., “industry fucks”) involving strange rules did little to quell further Illuminati rumors.

    Just How Rich IS Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song “Otis”?
    Old Soul meets New Money. Call it “luxury rap.” Jay and Ye’s idea of humble braggin’ makes Richie Rich jealous.

    Just How Rich IS Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Otis”? Pt. 2 (The Mo “Otis” Mo Problems Remix).
    The Twitter reacted by the multitudes to egotripland’s “How Rich IS Otis” post. Here is what The People had to say.

    10 Names Jay-Z & Kanye West Could Have Chosen That Would Have Actually Been Worse Than “The Throne.”
    When Janyé announced they would be callin’ themselves “The Throne,” well, we had something to say about that, dammit.

    #Otis, RIP.
    So sad.

    “Watch The Throne” Album Deal Sucks For Indie Retailers.
    While everybody was busy Watching the Throne, no one was watching out for poor mom and pop stores (all 8 of them left).

    Fix The Throne: 10 Ways Jay-Z and Kanye West Can Repair Their Reportedly Damaged Relationship.
    Gossips made it sound like Janyé was over before it even started. Revisit our helpful suggestions that just might have averted a rap catastrophe.

    WATCH: “The Throne” Finally Leaks.
    It was bound to happen. In case you missed it, see the whole shocking story for yourself.

    BREAKING! Less Than 4 Days Until “Watch The Throne” Changes The World.
    The Super Bowl wishes it had this many fans.

    BREAKING! Crowds Lining Up Worldwide In Anticipation of Janye’s “Throne-mageddon.”
    We remember when the world went cray back in 2011.

    10 Signs That the Hype on “Watch The Throne” Has Gotten Way Out of Hand.
    Go back and relive the hysteria leading up to the Big Flush. If you dare.

    Rap Review Haikus: “Watch The Throne” Edition.
    The 5-7-5 on WTT . ego trip, pioneers of this rap haiku shit. Pullin’ out syllables for fun.

    POLL: How GREAT Was the WTT/Spike Jonez “Otis” Video?
    How full (of awesome ideas) was the “Otis” clip? You decide.

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