1. "Root For the Villain" Infomercials.

    “Root For the Villain” Infomercials.

    Looks like Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure is a hit in the Bible Belt! Pimpin' at the pulpit is a beautiful thang, and thanks to Rev. Dante Ezekiel $ Dollar, Esq., the book is tapping the greatest resource for wealth in the world - the congregation. Clips below.

    Root for the Villain is now available in both soft cover and Kindle / e-book formats.

    Buy the book on createspace.com here

    Buy the book on amazon.com here

    Buy the Kindle / e-book version at amazon.com here

    Or go to www.govillaingo.com to order your personalized copy from J-Zone himself (with shipping options for both U.S. and international)

    Dusty Rhodes doesn't have shit on this guy.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • total count

      fuck the book...

      whens the "J-Zone & His Grandmother: Real Talk! - The Movie" DVD/Betamax out?


    • mcs

      Great book. Funny, insightful, original, and in the end poignant. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.