1. 10 Classic Videos of Grandmaster Roc Raida on the Wheels of Steel.

    Three years ago today, the world lost one of the best to ever touch the turntables, Grandmaster Roc Raida . Gone far too soon, but never forgotten, Raida’s peerless skills on the 1s and 2s are paid homage here with some of his classic routines (plus a couple of bonus moments) captured on video as selected by our peeps at UpNorthTrips . Grandmaster Roc Raida – rock on…


    1. World Supremacy Battle Routine (1991).

    There it is. Raida driving the crowd wild as he cuts the record down to the bone. The scene is perfect with a Keith Haring “Free South Africa” poster behind him… and the entire crowd as well.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    2. DMC US Finals Routine (1994).

    The X-Ecutioner (reppin’ Bandoola Records – what!) sends a message to the wack DJs and ends up have an amazingly “Good Time.”

    (Props to abstru81 for the upload.)

    3. Zulu Nation Battle Routine (1995).

    Raida Nation & The Zulu Nation combine as Roc upgrades the previous routine with some Lords of the Underground flava for your ear.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    4. DMC World Chamionship Routine (1995).

    Kool DJ Red Alert introduces the X-Men renegade of funk whose no-look, behind the back work on the 1’s & 2’s is on a championship level.

    (Props to CINQUANTA5000 for the upload.)

    5. Practicing for the 1996 DMC Chamionship (1996).

    Only practice makes a real Grandmaster. It doesn’t get more hip-hop than this. Gotta love how Raida tosses the records on the bed after he’s done with them, and the consultation with Rob Swift and Total Eclipse afterwards on how to make it all fit in the allotted time.

    (Props to MAX PEE for the upload.)

    6. Live on WYNU (1996).

    Raida gets live on “New York Live,” juggling “Supa Star,” “Jamal Fades Em All” and “Hip-Hop vs. Rap.” Even Pete Rock is visibly giddy, poking his head in the studio at 5:00 to check the master at work.

    (Props to MAX PEE for the upload.)

    7. Live at Fat Beats (1997).

    Raida’s classic “I Got to Have It” pitch control routine performed at Fat Beats at its OG East 9th Street locale.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    8. Live at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (1999).

    Raida is the epitome of cool as he bodies “Sucker MCs” and “Push It” with his trademark body tricks.

    (Props to bucktown for the upload.)

    9. Vestex World Routine (1999).

    Raida straight rips up Cash Money and Marvelous’ “Ugly People Be Quiet.” Mista Sinista’s reaction at 1:13 is priceless.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    10. Tableturns 2nd Anniversary Routine (1999).

    Raida’s “Sucker MCs” and “Push It” routines shot from a bird’s eye view. Brilliant.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    BONUS: Lord Finesse vs. Roc Raida.

    Raida goes in on “Goin’ Back to Cali” and “Jack the Ripper” after a little friendly gamesmanship by his pal, the Funky Man.

    (Props to Ninjando for the upload.)

    EXTRA BONUS: X-Ecutioners vs Aerosmith.

    The X-Ecutioners beat juggle “Walk This Way” and other hits on MTV Icon ‘s Aerosmith tribute. Worth watching for the crowd reaction shots alone.

    (Props to DMCJPTV for the upload.)

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