1. Roc Marciano — “I Shot The King” (AUDIO).

    When a rapper gets in a zone, there’s not much that can stop them. Right now Roc Marciano is so focused, man, he apparently can’t be stopped like the Geto Boys. The lastest leak from his Reloaded LP (available on November 13 across the universe) is as good as his last , a thorough assault of the senses capable of instilling a sense of that good ol’ fashioned rah-rah spirit in you. Produced by the man himself, the infectious song incorporates Roc’s trademark rewindable short-to-the-point street rhymes ( “…Twist the green shrub/ Roll a whole dub/ Put on the gloves because/ Cut drugs with the thugs/ Before I had peach fuzz…” ) with tripped-out ’60s era vocals and a marching rhythm lead by a wailing psychedelic guitar. In other words, “I Shot The King” will royally kick your ass. Hail yes!

    “…Sit still nigga, chill/ With a bitch like Miss Brazil/ It’s a phil like a young Lauryn Hill…”

    [Via Nah Right ]

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