1. Who's The Mack? Roc Marciano Talks About the Ladies (VIDEO).


    Roc Marciano is blunt and to the point when discussing women for Mass Appeal's "Ill Time" series.

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Rappers are Retards

      Rappers in 2012 have morphed into exactly the kind of caricature that right-wing white people used to think Hip-Hop was all about back in the day, when we at least had Chuck, KRS etc to balance out their prejudiced opinions. All part of the reason why Hip-Hop now occupies 10% of my playlist, versus the 99% it held a few years back. Grown men and women have no need to waste their time listening to the retarded mumblings of dudes firmly in the grip of advanced arrested development. If you're over 30 and are wearing your hat backwards, shades on indoors and are talking about 'bitches' you've got some serious issues to work on.

    • commenters type too much...

      Ice Cube - Dirty Mack - top tune :D

    • OG Sherbert

      i never read anything in my life...

      i bet Chuck D likes boobs more than books tho.