1. AUDIO: Roc Marciano ft. Dino Brave & Lost Occupant - "Do The Honors"


    Sa'prise, sa'prise - another rap recording featuring Roc Marciano, another recommendation. Produced by Arch Druids, this "lost single" finds Roc Marci paired with former fellow U.N. partner Dino Brave in one of the latter's "last recorded performances." Slow creep tempo and an ascending bass that comes off like the angry cousin of the Temptations' "My Girl" provide a more than suitable sonic bed for Roc and company's crime rhymes. Marcberg: "I'm in the dust house tryin' to come up now/ Passin' around bustdowns/ Stomach growl like an unloved child/ Money and drugs in my blood canal." Peep it, after the jump...

    Buy it, HERE .

    BONUS: Roc Marciano ft. Hus & Dino Brave - "Warm Hennessy." Short track, but dope. Get it, HERE .

    [via Nah Right ]

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