1. AUDIO: TheGoodLife! Presents “Uncle Sloppy’s Zooted Lay-Up Line Mixtape” with Ricky Powell & DJ Smoke L.E.S.
    (Free Download).

    Anyone at all familiar with the aesthetics of that renowned gentleman of zooted leisure, photojournalist/philosopher/New Yorker Mr. Ricky Powell , will heartily enjoy this audio odyssey. Actually, everyone should enjoy it – but especially those folks predisposed to the Hammond B-3, classic breaks/beats/raps, the play-by-play of Marv Albert, and the championship Knicks teams of the early ’70s. Presented by creative agency The Good Life , mixed by DJ Smoke L.E.S. , and brimming with Rickford Institute commencement themes (and witticisms), it’s an hour and fifteen minute mix possessed of more personality than Sybil and them. Get it now, or throw in the towel.

    Get it, HERE .

    [via The Good Life ]

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