1. 8 Suspects Who Might Have Hacked Rick Ross’ Twitter Account… And Their Possible Motives.

    This weekend the twitter account of @rickyrozay, aka “Rick Ross” was mysteriously hacked, his onscreen ID replaced by 50 Cent’s twitter icon and copious mentions of G-Unit all over the place (oh my, what a virtual ransacking). While it’s true that Fiddy is anti-wanksta, pro-pranksta, it seems highly possible based on the tweets that were sent out, that the he’s not the figga behind it all. So if it ain’t Curtis Jackson, who else could it possibly be?


    1. Steve Jobs.
    Silicon Valley’s Stevie Wunderkind could be pissed Rick is pushing weight off the iPhone – and Apple’s not getting its cut.

    2. Rupert Murdoch.
    Never lacking when it comes to hacking, the Media Mogul may have been desperate for a distraction — any distraction — from the News of the World scandal. (Murdoch was the case that they gave him.)

    3. A desperate and bored Harry Potter fan.
    What else is he gonna do with his time now that the grand wizard saga’s a wrap?

    4. Treach of Naughty By Nature.
    We can just imagine Tupac Shakur’s longtime friend (and fellow Juice cast member) going Lloyd Bentsen in reaction to Ross’ hook on Meek Mills’ “Tupac Back” single: “I hung with Tupac. I knew Tupac. Tupac was my friend. Rick Ross and Meek Mills: you’re no tiggedy-Tupac!

    5. This Guy.

    6. No, actually, THIS GUY .

    7. Anyone nicknamed “Boss.”
    Tony Danza, Diana Ross, rapper Antoinette, Bruce Springsteen, Boss Hogg, et al. All potentially motivated by jealous one’s envy. Ask any, who’s the real boss? The consensus: Not Ross .

    8. The Real Freeway Rick Ross.
    The Infamous LA drug trafficker may be 15 years out the game, but he could be holding a grudge towards anyone using his name without paying the cost to be the Ross. (@PhillyFreezer, watch your back… and protect ya password.)

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