1. REWIND: The egotripland Stuff You Probably Missed Vol. 2.

    Welcome to all egotripland readers, those who’ve been riding with us for a minute and the new jacks who just started droppin’ by. Our website is still a work in progress (fresh redesign coming soon) and as we continue to form like Voltron, we’d like to point out some past posts that a lot of you might have never peeped — or may want to see again. So let us be your tour guide as we take you back to revisit some blasts from the past.

    A Brief History of Dre Day.

    Last year around this time, we really got into the spirit of America’s fastest growing holiday, Dre Day, which falls on February 18th. DJ extraordinaire and egotripland blogger Cosmo Baker caught up with two of the founding members of this nationwide event, Wes Winship and Mike Davis of the design firm Burlesque of North America and got the low down on how it all started. READ THAT INTERVIEW HERE.
    Breaking News: Dre Day Goes Worldwide.
    It wasn’t long after Cosmo’s post that we reported some major news: Dre Day had gone worldwide! Not only was Compton and Long Beach together, so now was Johannesburg and Helsinki. MARVEL AT THE INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATION HERE.
    Dr. Dre Holiday Gift Guide 2011.
    With all the massive bacchanalia goin’ on, it was only right for ego trip to do their part and offer up our Dre Day Holiday Gift Guide, including must-have items like Muffs by Dre. GET THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER HERE.
    Too $hort’s Most Positive Raps.
    The recent controversy over a pulled XXL video of Mack of the Century Too $hort giving teenaged boys sex advice got us lookin’ back at an old post that reflected a much more positive side to the Oakland player. If you think Todd Shaw is only about monetizing the cooze, you couldn’t be more wrong. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF HERE.
    Mannie Fresh: You Know You’re a Grown Ass Man When…
    … Too $hort’s apology – in which he owned up to making an effort to be more responsible in the future – brought to mind another post we did in which New Orleans super-producer and proud father Mannie Fresh ran down his list of signs that you have matured as a male. (5. You pick the 7-series over the 2-door.) GET THE REST OF THE LIST HERE.
    Across 135th Street Vol. 34: Now or Never.
    egotripland’s co-founder and resident DJ Chairman Mao offered up a Valentine’s Day mix earlier this week that got plenty of folks open. Here is another set from Mao, this one from his redbullmusicacademy.com “Across 135th Street” show titled “Now or Never.” It’s nearly two hours of soul, funk, northern, 60s R&B, disco 45s, and more – rare isht and not-so-rare isht – from the great cities of Detroit, New Orleans, and Philly. LISTEN TO IT HERE.

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