1. Shiznit We Slept On: Reh Dogg “It’s Time to Fight” Music Video (2012).

    Evil forces are at work against this great country of ours, and with all due respect to Mrs. Tina Turner, we do need another hero — a hero like Reh Dogg . The patriotic Youtube sensation — who we still wouldn’t know about had not our trusted colleague Noz / @noz made us aware of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy /@PRODIGYMOBBDEEP tweeting the link to the “It’s Time to Fight” music video clip yesterday afternoon — has spent the last several years cranking out viral content that ranges from video game reviews to rock band covers to just random thoughts. But this time, the topic at hand ain’t all fun and games. Oh no. Warning us all “the time for playing around is over / These people are serious,” Reh Dogg goes commando in the woods practicing military drills in preparation for a final face off with the Illuminati. “We can defeat this evil, we must take them out,” he says, encouraging the people to form an army because, after all, it’s survival of the fit only the strong survive. You better realize.

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