1. SEE, HEAR: Redman "Hardcore" Television Promo (1992).

    SEE, HEAR: Redman “Hardcore” Television Promo (1992).

    Just how hardcore is this "Hardcore" snippet used as a promotional device to hype up the '92 release of Redman's monster debut, Whut? Thee Album ? Well, if chillin' with EPMD in the grimiest of abandoned buildings, mushing chicks that may or may not be Hurricane G and shoving random long-haired dudes down ain't gully enough for you, maybe Reggie cold knockin' out the camera man will convince you they rarely make rappers this rugged any mo' . Props to ViperCobra40z for the upload.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://bastardswordsman.tumblr.com/ Dart_Adams

      They actually played this promo during "Yo! MTV Raps" & they cut it in with a short interview where Redman explained how he got his name. A kid hit him in the face with a snowball when he was little & his face was so red they just kept calling him Red. Sorta like Monch & Noyd the name stuck...


    • http://www.hiphopisread.com/ Ivan

      Spent the day yesterday watching football and playing Redman's first three albums. Seriously, if he's not in your top 10, please go play in traffic.

    • bboycult

      I remember this promo; brilliant marketing. The fusion of incredible music, artistic dedication and complete understanding of vision and audience. (I say this now as an adult; but as a teen dude...I was like "where's my bubble vest, where's my hoodie, where's my Tims, where's my walkman!?" It's On! haha)

    • Tyrone Fuller

      redman is a mu-lottery winner.

    • oskamadison

      @ Ivan

      ...in the rain with 18 wheelers driven by dudes drunk and trippin' on shrooms...