1. Red Bull Music Academy 5×5 Lecture Series Transcripts Now Online.

    Red Bull Music Academy ‘s “5×5” lecture series from last summer featured five artist interviews about five essential New York hip-hop albums repping each of the five boroughs (The Bronx – Slick Rick ‘s Great Adventures ; Brooklyn – Black Moon ‘s Enta Da Stage ; Queens – Mobb Deep ‘s The Infamous ; Manhattan/Uptown – Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity ; Staten Island – Wu-Tang Clan ‘s Enter the Wu-Tang ). In commemoration of RBMA hitting NYC this fall, the transcripts for these talks – three conducted by ego trip’s own Sacha Jenkins and Chairman Mao ; one by our pal Miss Info – have been newly uploaded and reveal some cool factoids you might have missed the first time around. For instance – did you know Black Moon’s name was inspired by the Bruce Willis-Cybil Shepherd-starred ’80s TV show, Moonlighting ?

    DJ Evil Dee of Black Moon :

    Black Moon was actually Beatminerz’s original name. Mr. Walt was a fan of Moonlighting . Now there’s a true story, too… Mr. Walt was a fan of Moonlighting . And if he was here he would punch me in the face for saying that. But he, um, the name of their detective agency [in the show] was “Blue Moon Detective Agency.” So, Walt just changed the “Blue Moon” to “Black Moon.”

    Meanwhile, Rick the Ruler talked about his old day job pre-Get Fresh Crew fame.

    Slick Rick :

    I had a job, I used to work at Lehman Brothers, and places like that downtown, as a mail clerk. So, once Doug E. put me on, the difference in the finance – I used to make like $520 a month! And that’s working every day, too. Five days a week. After taxes, $260 every two weeks, and my rent was $350. So, you can figure out, 520 minus 350 leaves how much for food and tokens, and floss and fun, and whatever. Old English or whatever, you know what I’m saying.

    … I was still working when [“The Show”] was taking off, so it got to the point where it was like, “You gotta leave now, kid,” you know what I’m saying. It’s a wrap, because $260 compared, at first I was getting like $300 just to perform with the kid, you know what I mean, and that was like, I’m doing $260 every two weeks, after taxes, and eventually, when it just kept going and going, Madison Square Garden-type tip, it was like, doesn’t make sense to keep, to stay at your job, when you know you could be getting $300 a show, whatever.

    Lecture: Slick Rick (RBMA World Tour 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo .

    To check out all five transcripts and full lecture videos from the RBMA World Tour 2011 5×5 Series, mosey over to Red Bull Music Academy .

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