1. 10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons NBA Player DeShawn Stevenson Would Install an ATM In His Kitchen.

    Recently, the Brooklyn Nets’ DeShawn Stevenson posted the above photo on Instagram, which takes the indulgences of the rich n’ famous to trailblazing new levels. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Stevenson is, in fact, posed next to an ATM that he had installed in his kitchen. And while most folks may incredulously ask (*Jadakiss voice*), “Why?!?,” we here at ego trip staunchly defend Stevenson’s right to stay close to his funds however he damn well pleases. In fact, we bet there are all kinds of perfectly acceptable reasons he’d install an ATM in his own kitchen. We can just imagine them now…

    1. Zombie apocalypse making trips to bank more harrowing than ever.

    2. Never know when you’ll get the urge to make it rain. While braising a leg of lamb.

    3. He’s out for dead presidents to represent meat casserole.

    4. Wanted that extra cabbage in the kitchen, fam. (And have you seen the outrageous prices on cabbage lately? So expensive!)

    5. Tipping the wait staff just got sooooooo much more convenient.

    6. M.O.B. – Money Over Broiling.

    7. Still hoping to lure Common in to use it, and complete final stage of ongoing identity theft plan.

    8. The next level of balling: $20 bills instead of paper towels.

    9. A.T.M.R.E.A.M. (Pause)

    10. That’s nothing. You should see the bank teller that lives in his bathroom.

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