1. Catch Up with the Ready To Rock Hip-Hop Comic Book & 45 Single Series.

    (Art: Bret Syfert/ Dan Lish / Kidd Kash / Aple76)

    Greetings Earthlings:
    Issue 2 of Bret “Downroc” Syfert ’s Ready to Rock just dropped. Billed as “the only hip-hop comic book and 7” record [series] on the planet,” each edition comes with a new 45 produced by Aidan Orange . This time around, there are two tracks by Que Rock of The Bronx and Fatnice of Philly.

    Bret Syfert says of the RTR #2 Story: The Breyks are giraffe people in the distant future who re-create hip-hop culture after digging up the vinyl records of ancient man. Their utopian existence is threatened by the arrival of Phantom, an evil being born from an industrial past.

    Get a closer look in the video below… and then check out the cuts available on the 45.

    (Order Ready To Rock Issue 2 HERE )

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