1. Re-Cap: Slick Rick & Funkmaster Flex at Red Bull Music Academy's "Five Out of Five."


    Nice re-cap via Billboard this morning of Tuesday evening's Red Bull Music Academy 'Five Out of Five' session with Slick Rick and Funkmaster Flex hosted by ego trip's own Chairman Mao at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx. Amongst the jewels the Ruler dropped - how he developed his sense of style (essentially: that old folks dressing old looked old; young folks dressing like old folks looked cool), how he generated the imagination to craft narratives like "Children's Story" and "The Moment I Feared," and which The Great Adventures of Slick Rick tracks still sound like album filler to him after all these years. After Rick stepped aside to prep for his performance later that night, Funkmaster Flex took a moment from ruling NY radio to recall how coming up in the Bronx shaped his sensibility. How as a kid if you had the hot Cold Crush Brothers tape in your area you were the man that week; how driving BX mentor Chuck Chillout to Latin Quarter and witnessing the LQ's glory every week would later inspire how Flex put together his classic nights at The Tunnel. Read Dan Rys' article in Billboard in full, here .

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