1. Rast RFC – "The Gun Don't Make The Man” (AUDIO).


    Rast returns with more introspective and therapeutic rhymes as he revisits some of the darker moments of his past with no excuses.

    “...I can’t go to jail I got kids that would kill ‘em/ Karma is revenge’s best friend/ Since when did I become the villain?/ I was a good kid, what the fuck ever happened?/ Was it listening to Big, was it listening to Nas?/ Was it listening to Pac? / Did I recreate the stories they told until I got locked? / Man, shit, I could blame society and rap/ But the truth is I did the shit I did and that’s that/ So if you want to criticize the words that I create on a track/ Please remember these are all facts...”

    "They ask me why I write so hard/ I been through post traumatic stress since my face got scarred”

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