1. Rast RFC — “The Deer Hunter” (AUDIO).

    Rast beasts for seven straight minutes. Beware. Hardcore content ahead.

    “On my way to The Source so we can have a sit down and ask them how to implement six Mics for my first album…”

    “Damn, I wish Suge’s label still had hope/ I could bring Death Row back to life like a ghost…”

    “Fuck school books, niggas buying Don Diva and the F.E.D.S. magazine studying lyrics to ‘Ether.’”

    “Fuck the police I’d rather kidnap a pig/ Throw his ass off the roof, see if he fly straight then…”

    “I only hope and pray that Jesus Christ is still cool with me/ If not, I’ll cut his head off and rock it for jewelry/ Blasphemy is what the critics might say/ Fuck you, the Catholic Church, plus the DEA”

    “Fuck everybody.”

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