1. Rast RFC —Across West 3rd Street Tape (AUDIO).

    (Art: CARL 2DVS)

    Fans of unfiltered underground NYC hip-hop, please give us your attention. Those who visit here regularly have already heard Rast , but the time has now come for an official release, a tape (yup, we’re calling it a tape, it’s got that throwback feel to it) called Across West 3rd Street , a nod to not only the ’70s blaxploitation flick Across 110th Street , but more importantly, an homage to the ’90s stomping grounds of his notorious RFC crew . (Read more about that here and here .) For those new to the Rast experience, consider this a blast to your system, a voyage back to the era of writing, boosting Tommy Hil and Polo, and random unlucky beatdowns. For the rest, it’s a great opportunity to ditch those Youtube rips and download the legit thing.

    ( Download )

    [Premiered by Mass Appeal & Nah Right ]

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