1. WATCH: Rasheed Chappell - "Break Loose" (Music Video).

    WATCH: Rasheed Chappell – “Break Loose” (Music Video).

    No matter where you fall on the so-called "real hip-hop" divide - never-say-die purist, or been-there-over-that pragmatist - it's tough to deny the lovely collage of visuals in this latest video from the esteemed Rasheed Chappell - directed by the homie Jun Ohki , a/k/a Zunbug Turski, of SBX! fame. The Kenny Dope-produced "Break Loose" is on the classic fast rap tip - what with its "Blow Your Head" flip, DJ Scratch cuts, n' heavily cymbal-lic break - and is culled from Chappell's acclaimed Future Before Nostalgia LP from last year. We like it. Chances are if you're here you will too.

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    • bboycult

      "The Real HipHop; you are now reminded!" Fly video too (yep I said it FLY) FRESH FOR 2012 you suckas!