1. ’90s Rap TV Show You Probably Never Heard Of Starring Famous Rappers. (BONUS: Eazy-E PSA & Other Ruthless Records Commercials).

    New Generation (or New Generations , depending on how you feel) is (apparently) an independently produced show based in Los Angeles that aired in the mid ’90s, a public access-like alternative to Pump It Up , if you will (we’re still diggin’ for more info) hosted by Kenima Ivra and Greg Wylie. In this mind-blowing 12-minute clip full of a season’s worth of highlights, you’ll witness Eazy-E and his then newly signed artists Bone Thugs-N-Harmony shooting a commercial for their EP, Creepin on ah Come Up , Tupac on the positive tip answering questions inside a classroom, a very (and we do mean very) intense Redman giving advice on how to make it, and a young as hell Snoop Dogg kickin’ a few lines about why he loves them “big women.” (Don’t blink or you’ll miss Dr. Dre dancin’ on stage, Warren G having a blast in the club, and Domino performin’ “Sweet Potato Pie.”)

    As a bonus, check out a rarely seen public service announcement from Eazy about protecting your kids against fires as well as a bunch of Ruthless Records TV spots, including a parody of John Carpenter’s cult sci-fi political action flick, They Live , and some entertaining ads for E’s Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton .


    New Generation TV Show Season Highlights.

    Press rewind if it hasn’t blown your mind: Rare footage of rap stars like Eazy-E, Bone Thugs, Tupac, Snoop and Redman with the ill head gear.

    (Props to anthony wooley for the upload)

    Eazy-E Fire Department Public Service Announcement.

    Eazy’s PSA is live from the streets. (It’s also bilingual. Check out the Spanish version starring Toker, from Ruthless’ Chicano rap group Brownside.)

    (Props to Skeyelandproductions for the upload)

    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony TV Ad.

    Here’s that kamurshol that Bone was shooting in the New Generation episode.

    (Props to Bone Felecia for the upload)

    Ruthless Records "They Live" Parody.

    “They’re everywhere!”

    (Props to horchatax3 for the upload)

    Ruthless Family TV Commercial.

    Ruthless roster circa ’93 included Atban Klann, a pre-famous version of Black Eyed Peas and Jewish rap group, Blood of Abraham.

    (Props to horchatax3 for the upload)

    Eazy E Str8 off tha Streetz Album Commercials.

    Some really nicely executed TV spots from 1995. Worth watching just to see Eazy say, “Ninjas did it.”

    (Props to 1973eazyme for the upload)

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