1. (MUSIC VIDEO)." rel="bookmark">Rapsody ft. Heather Victoria & The Soul Council — "The Drums"


    It's time we check in again with Jamla recording artist Rapsody , who has been steady winning over fans with her spirited devotion to making authentic hip-hop. The North Carolina MC flows freely over the gentle vibes of "The Drums," but that doesn't mean she's not critical of the current state of affairs in the rap nation:

    A lot of sex, drug usage and rappin' about wealth
    Ain't no balance in this system no more, we ain't well
    Ain't a rapper on the radio wit' stories to tell
    Hip-Hop never died, yo, the radio failed
    Now the powers with the people, wonder if they can tell

    Her album, The Idea of Beautiful , is available on iTunes .

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    • bboycult

      I love when Black Women look/sound/relate to hip hop as Black Women. I love it ( no racism ) but I don't care........I love it.

      Great fucking album as well.