1. AUDIO: Rapsody - "Believe Me" (prod. by 9th Wonder).

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    North Carolina MC Rapsody comes solid with the rhymes on "Believe Me," a tranquilizing number for hip-hop purists produced by 9th Wonder Replica Oakleys . The Jamla artist spits a chorus inspired by Lauryn Hill's "heebie jeebies" line off of the Fugee's "Ready or Not," which is upheld by well-crafted, thoughtful stanzas. Raps Rapsody: "Protect me from rap foes and all of their rap men/ Believe me they soldiers, paper thin for paper when / Heart ain't gold, I don't find you rich like Solomon/ Rap three times nice like the number of wise men/ Frontin' niggas, juke 'em every day like Heisman." Listen and believe after the break...

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Good Lookin out! Never heard before...first heard on Egotripland (by way of That's Enuff). I see y'all.

      This is another one on deck for my lil Earth; with speed.