1. #RapScramble Re-Cap.

    It started out innocently enough. Bored, awake, and live from New York way late last Saturday night, we at @egotripland innocently tweeted out a rapper name in very mildly scrambled form – “Joung Yeezy” – just for laughs. Then we did another – “Wanye Kest.” And then another… and another… and another till we suddenly realized we couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop even if we tried. Indulging in some playful dyslexia with rapper names, as it turned out, was more addictive than crack flavored Smores. And we found this to be based on fact, not based fictitious when a gang of our faithful followers on The Twitter heartily joined in – offering scrambled suggestions that realigned ethnicity (“Lendrick Kamar”), morphed people into places (“Cryler the Theator”) and exotic potato chip flavors (“Lannel Chive”), and turned icons into suspect sounding inventions they wouldn’t even try to hock on QVC (“Flandmaster Grash”). We were so enthralled with the results of this communal exercise in name mangling (which continued well after we literally started snoozing) that we felt it was only right to compile the complete list here. The name of the game is #RapScramble. Betcha can’t try just one…


    3ndre A000
    Add Outure Folf Wang Gill Khem Tall (a/k/a Godd Kuture Olf Thang Ill’em Wall)
    BCE (Bounting Cendless Eank)
    Be Theatnuts
    Bird Thass
    Bloyd Lanks
    Blust Jaaaaaze!
    Bob Rase
    Bost Loyz
    The Botorious N.I.G. (a/k/a Smiggie Balls)
    Bouljah Soy Ell Tem
    Byrics Lorn
    C. Jole
    Clu-Wang Tan
    Cool Cool J L
    Cryler the Theator
    DF Moom
    Deru the Jamaja
    Dig Kaddy Bane
    Dike Mee*
    Dobb Meep
    Doogie Pown Broductions
    Doop Snogg (a/k/a Dnoop Sogg)
    Dos Mef and Kalib Tweli are StackBlar
    Doscoe Rash
    Duff Paddy
    Fid Krost
    Flandmaster Grash
    Fompany Clow
    Ford Linesse
    Fupe Liasco
    Furassic Jive
    Gool R Kap
    Hel the Funky Domosapien
    Hellow Mype
    Hool Kerc
    Hugar Sill Gang
    Hypress Cill
    Jike Moooooones!
    Joung Yeezy
    Khostface Gilla
    Kiz Whalifa
    Lannel Chive
    Lendrick Kamar
    Lest the Kwadd Mad
    Lone Toc
    Mack Bloon
    Micki Ninaj
    Miller Kike
    Miz Barkie
    Moc Rarciano
    Moodie Gob
    Mucci Gane
    Na Loka Costra
    Nech T9ne
    Pig Bun**
    Pouse of Hain
    QJ Duik
    A Qribe Talled Cuest
    Rappy Noots
    Ras Dascist
    Rete Pock
    Rhubb Cock
    Rusta Bhymes
    Sain Mource
    Se Da Loul
    Shild Cebel Roldier
    Shoo Tort
    Shuck Bot (from Mack Bloon…)
    Sir Lix-a-Mot
    Suelz Jantana
    Supac Thakur
    Thone Bugs-H-Narmony
    Tig Bymers
    Tlack Bhought
    Wanye Kest
    Waul Pall
    Wil Layne

    **Delicious, BTW.

    Shouts to all of our The Twitter followers who got their scramble on wit’ us and @ us. Ock Ron!: @BlackOrpheus13 @BrandoSF @colt45buck @diggoblick @DreEugene @esymai @IrnMnky @JackalMikeson @jose602 @MrBusby4o8 @PaulofFame @PaulyD143 @Per_vers @pic_vicious @pl4ywthnumb33rs @rent_a_spoons_ @reverenddollars @saulvanstapele @SmackWat3r @SwimTheNialle @the_dwg_crew @theChonkyfire @TacticOne @TALLCAR @thebigbeatdown @TheNileCee @wannafanta1 @WorktheAngle

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