1. ego trip Movie Night: Rap’s Most Wanted (1991).

    2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell travels the country to interview rappers including Chuck D , Too $hort , Ice-T and H.W.A in this worthwhile documentary. Early on, the Geto Boys get real during a round table discussion in a dark, smoky room. Highlights include some Willie D wisdom (“The real reason why we’re killing each other is because we’re segregated. If we all are on one side of town and the other race is on the other side of town livin’ it up… we over here… we got all these problems, we gotta take it out on somebody. Who you gonna strike? The closest person nearest you, right? … That’s the reason why Black on Black crime is so high.”) and a Bushwick bomb: “I want to make the world see how ugly its fuckin’ self is. If you were to lift up the dress of the Statue of Liberty, you’d see that America is nothin’ but a disease-packin’ bitch.”

    Later, Chuck D drops some knowledge of his own: “If you took a real dope TV and smashed it in the middle of Grand Central you’d have people be like, ‘Oh man, what did he do? He’s buggin’.’ And be all sad and upset because they took a dope TV and crushed it. But at the same time here you have human beings in the hundreds laying there just wasting away. Now what’s more valuable, a TV or a human being? It shows you we have our priorities switched.”

    Really though, all the interviews in Rap’s Most Wanted are entertaining in their own way (although H.W.A does seem like a quick time replacement for N.W.A). Amongst the memorable moments are Too $hort remembering the days of selling tapes hand to hand and Ice-T talking about race and guns while giving a tour of his home (with a brief glimpse of Darlene ). 2 Live Crew close things out with a reminder of why freedom of speech is important, but also hint at the pressures endured going through the high-profile controversies (and legal battles) over their music.

    (Be advised, the H.W.A and 2 Live Crew segments contain sexually explicit material . But you knew that.)

    Directed by Tas Salini

    (Props to madestcap for the upload)

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