1. The Rapping Flight Attendant Keeps the Friendly Skies Really Fly (VIDEO).


    Being internationally known, we fly a lot. And unless you're a new jack to the friendly skies, we can't recall anyone actually paying attention to the flight attendant safety demonstration that's otherwise compulsory viewing before take-off. You know the drilly:"Keep seatbelts fastened until the light goes off, contents in the overhead compartments may shift during flight, yadda yadda yadda ." If only the experience was more motivating...like this one.


    Get us a ticket on THIS airplane. Reminds us a little of this other transportation guy .
    [h/t A-Trak ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • its the L to the E

      "I'm on the air like JordanYou'll never die of boredom
      You'll only hear my floor them
      I'm on them, I'm in there, so prepare to live it up
      I'm on the type of... that makes a... wanna give it up
      So what's up with the logics?"

    • lyric misquote

      me* floor them