1. Shiznit We Slept On Vol. 44: Rappers on "The Weakest Link" TV Show (2002).

    Shiznit We Slept On Vol. 44: Rappers on The Weakest Link TV Show (2002).

    This five-minute highlight reel from a very special episode of The Weakest Link condenses the best moments of hip-hop hilarity you'd expect when professional rappers go on quiz shows to get tested to see if they know the ledge. Watch as a feisty Young MC holds his own in the snaps department with cranky host Anne Robinson, shake your head in mock shame as a nervous B-Real blows the challenging math problem of what is 3 multiplied by 4, and enjoy the late Nate Dogg getting asked, "Why are you keeping your hands in your pockets?" only to respond, "So I won't steal nothin'."

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