1. 5 Videos of Rappers Boxing.

    Boxing and hip-hop go hand in hand. After all, in the heart of every real rapper out there, competition is an essential element to their being. And from ring entrances to music videos to media events , there has long been a special connection between rap artist and pugilists. In anticipation of tonight’s boxing showdown in Las Vegas between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley , here are some of our favorite videos featuring rappers in the ring.


    Willie D vs. Charles Aguilera

    The Geto Boy great lands some haymakers like a muthafucka at The Throw Down ‘N H-Town in 1999.

    (Props to JayNoteZArchive1 for the upload)

    Sticky Fingaz vs. Simon Woodstock

    Onyx member rumbles with a skater in 1998 while Jamie Foxx (dressed up as Don King) commentates and DMX does ring intro. The judges’ verdict? Well as 50 put it on “How To Rob”: “Tell Sticky gimme the cash before I empty three / I’ll beat your ass like that white boy on MTV.”

    (Props to XillaEntNet for the upload)

    Vanilla Ice vs. Todd Bridges

    Giving himself the nickname “Bipolar,” Ice Ice Baby runs into a not-having-it “Mad Dog” Willis in 2002.

    (Props to egoggles for the upload)

    Snoop Dogg vs. Roy Jones Jr.

    Dammit, Internetz, we can’t locate a better clip of this 2008 Father Hood Season 2 episode, but this commercial will have to do. The Doggfather vs. Junior! Who will son who? We think we know the answer (sorry Snoop).

    (Props to CashmereAgency for the upload)

    Eminem vs. Rick Campanelli

    Em goofs off in a mini-ring against co-host of the music video show Combat Zone on Canada’s MuchMusic channel.

    (Props to DCLsMusic for the upload)

    BONUS: Boxers Rapping...

    Roy Jones Jr. — “Ya’ll Must’ve Forgot” Music Video

    RJJ reminds you of his career highlights. Rapping wasn’t one of them (sorry Roy!).

    (Props to Brash002 for the upload)

    Floyd “Money” Mayweather — “Yep” Music Video

    “It’s like Ding Dong, I’m like King Kong/ I play bitch niggas like ping pong…”

    (Props to moneyfmj for the upload)

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