1. 5 Rapper Press Conference Videos Worth Watching.


    These are trying times. The U.S. secret service is undergoing an unprecedented sex-scandal, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is walking a diplomatic tightrope in China, and Rick Ross and the Maybach Music Clan held a press conference to announce — well, fuck if we know. Something about the due date of his new album. Wale and Omarian were there too, and they got some new stuff bubblin' (surprise). Oh, and we can't forget Diddy pushing Ciroc. And a room full of thirsty "journos" just happy to be away from their lonely desks for an hour or so. Wow. What a waste of people's time. Makes us over here at egotripland pine for some earlier, more entertaining hip-hop press conferences. The ones where people actually made us bob our heads instead of nod our heads (to sleep). Hey MMG, remember these, the ones you took your ideas from...?


    1. Eric B. & Rakim - "Move the Crowd" (1987)

    Perhaps the Great-Grand-Daddy of "rapper press conference music videos," proves golden rule number one when addressing the masses: Have something to, you know, say.

    2. Three Times Dope - "Greatest Man Alive" (1988)

    The ackniculous ones from Philadelphia's Hilltop Hustlers crew got something to say. Gotta love the reporters hanging onto ESTs every word, and in particular gotta love the honey giving the testimonial at the 3:52 mark. How much do we love her? So much that we recall the hottie from this 1989 McDonalds commercial . (Thank black Jesus for youtube).

    3. Kool Moe Dee ft. KRS-One & Chuck D - "Rise N Shine" (1991)

    Now WE'RE TALKiN'! Fist-pumping and rapper cameos up the ying yang: D.M.C. rocking a furry russian hat! Redhead Kingpin! Doug E. Fresh! D-Nice! And is that scraggly haired dude in the back Hans Soul? Yes — it's not your imagination — it is. One of the forgotten gems of a bygone era. KRS-One getting buck over a Sly & the Family Stone loop addressing the Rhythm Nation (pre-Janet) is maybe the highlight of this admittedly silly but endearing video. Actually, maybe the WG gettin' open @2:14 is.

    4. Ja Rule, Ashanti, Nas & 2Pac — "The Pledge" (2002)

    The nail in the coffin for "rapper press conference music videos" — where's the urgency? Sure, it looks purty, but actually, this video looks more like the worlds most boring sales conference. And what's with the 'Pac's "So Many Tears" just sort of tacked onto the end? No wonder Murder Inc. is outta business.

    5. MC Ren feat. CPO - Ballad Of A Menace (1990)

    Ah yes. Stompin' into 90's like Yo-Yo, let's revisit the era when the newsmedia held onto seemingly every other rapper's words like every single day. In this case, MC Ren and CPO's ode to rue de la vie is street reportage at it's finest. In other news, CPO sounds suspiciously just like MC Ren.

    (Note: Yes, now the list is 5. Due to some real complicated-to-explain-shit we had a bonus video that got taken down by youtube. So, in it's place we are substituting this wonderful gem as suggested by egotripland model citizen "Ralph." Thanks Ralph.)

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    • http://www.ralphbarbagallo.com Ralph
    • Melle

      No Scarface & Ice Cube either?

    • egotrip

      Dammit, it kills us that we forgot this one, especially since it's a great song. Thanks Melle. BTW, we learned our lesson. From now on, we won't watch boring-ass press conferences on youtube before we post — posting while sleepy ain't a good look.

    • Sasha Sarronen

      Man your a wack ass nigga for hating on MUUUUUUUUUUUUURDA INC.